Permit for Fireworks Display Click here for the form (PDF)
Ordinance Addressing Floodplain Management Provisions of the State construction Code  Click here for the form (PDF)
Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes   Click here for the form (PDF
Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) affidavit   Click here for the form (PDF
Request to Rescind homeowner's Principal Residence Exemption   Click here for the form (PDF
Request to Rescind Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption   Click here for the form (PDF
Property Transfer Affidavit   Click here for the form (PDF
Zoning Permit Application Click here for the form (PDF)
Affadavit Attesting that Qualified Agricultural Property Shall Remain Qualified Agricultural Property  Click here for the form (PDF
Columbia Township Parcel Division Application   Click here for the form (PDF
 2022 Federal Poverty  Exemption Guidelines  Click Here for the Form (pdf)  
 2022 Federal Poverty Exemption Application  Click Here for Form (pdf)  
 Form 4988 Poverty Exemption Affidavit Click Here for Form (pdf)  

Form 5739 Affirmation of Ownership and Occupancy

Click Here for Form (pdf)  
 Poverty Exemption Taxpayer Fact Sheet  Click Here for Form (pdf)  
 Form 5737 Application for MCL211.7u Poverty Exemption Click Here for Form (pdf)  


PLEASE BE NOTIFIED that the Columbia Township Planning Commission
will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, the 9th day of August 2022 at 7:00 p.m.
at the Columbia Township Hall at 6456 Center St., Unionville, MI 48767.
The purpose of this public hearing will be to consider a proposed Caregiver
Cultivation of Agri-Business Zoning Ordinance Amendment for the Township of
Columbia. Copies of the proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment may be
obtained from the Township Clerk by calling 989/280-9602.
All interested persons are encouraged to attend this public hearing. Any
opinions you have on the proposed amendment can be presented at the public
hearing or may be submitted in writing to the Township Clerk at the above
address prior to the hearing.
Christine Kolar
Columbia Township Clerk  

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